05 February 2024
stc pay Recognized with Mudad Prize for Excellence in the Wage Protection Program

A significant achievement is that stc pay has been honored with the Mudad prize for its outstanding contribution as a successful partner in the Wage Protection Program initiated by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development.

The Wage Protection Program, a cornerstone of the Kingdom Vision 2030, streamlines and enhances the wage distribution process, emphasizing innovative digital financial services to elevate the overall quality of financial transactions within the Kingdom.

stc pay’s commitment to the program’s objectives and its exemplary performance as a partner have earned the esteemed Mudad prize. This recognition signifies stc pay’s dedication to promoting digital financial services and acknowledges its pivotal role in achieving the overarching goals of Vision 2030.

Mr. Mohammed Abdulaziz Alfraih, Chief Operations Officer at stc pay, expressed gratitude for this recognition which reflects stc pay’s unwavering commitment to driving innovation and contributing to the success of Vision 2030.

stc pay’s receipt of the Mudad prize underscores its key role in the success of the Wage Protection Program and its dedication to the broader objectives outlined in Vision 2030. As a recognized leader in digital financial services, stc pay remains steadfast in its commitment to advancing the Kingdom’s economic landscape.

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