qitaf program is a loyalty program by stc to its customers; You can subscribe to qitaf for free and start collecting points by only paying your bills or recharging your sawa line. You can easily enroll by sending 201 to 900

How to add qitaf
  1. Click “Accounts“
  2. Click “Add a new account“ and select “Add qitaf”.
  3. Select the mobile number
  4. Tap "Approve"


qitaf points calculation:

  • Signature card: one point for a purchase of 20 SAR.
  • Platinum card: one point for a purchase of 30 SAR.
  • Classic card:one point for a purchase of 40 SAR.





Use qitaf points in
International transfer fees

From the confirmation page, click “Pay fees with qitaf points”
To learn more about qitaf, please send “qitaf” to 900