STC Pay is a financial company owned by STC. It is a secure digital wallet in the form of a smartphone app that empowers you as an individual or a business to take full control of your finances at your fingertips - anytime, anywhere.
Your STC Pay digital wallet is designed for you to effortlessly make time-saving payments - whether you are getting coffee, settling bills, splitting the dinner check with friends, or making transfers to family members – without having to carry your wallet, worrying about change, or the hassle of entering your credit card information when shopping online.
Not at all. The STC Pay service is completely free.
Simply download the STC Pay from the Apple Store or Play Store and our app will guide you through your registration process.

Yes, you can create an account and use STC Pay.

You can fund your wallet using one of the following methods:

  1. Through SADAD transfers
  2. Through IBAN transfers
  3. STC Pay wallet to wallet transfers
  4. Through QR scans
  5. Through your bank card

Yes, there is a maximum fee of SR 4.50 on special recharges like SADAD + VAT, given that the amount does not exceed SR 10,000 (the maximum monthly account limit)
(Free for a limited period)

Simply scan the QR code at the cashier using the STC Pay app, you will then be asked to enter the amount and pay. Make sure your software is updated, and to enable the STC Pay app to use your smartphone camera from your smartphone’s settings.
The store will be able to refund you in that case. If you had an issue with the store, kindly our Call Center
Some shops can scan your QR without the need of your phone camera; everything else would work normally.
Simply, select a name from your contact list and send! The money will be transferred within seconds.
No, STC Pay is a digital wallet.
The service is currently unavailable.

The service is currently unavailable.

You can transfer your wallet by following these steps:

  1. Press the settings tab in the app
  2. Choose the ‘delete my information’ option
  3. Download the app on your new device
  4. Click on the "sign in" option
  5. Enter the following information: (Mobile number, owner's ID number, owner’s date of birth as found in Absher)

Yes, the app is secure because:

  1. The application can only be downloaded if there is a security lock on the phone
  2. The application automatically locks itself even when you do not manually log out after using it.
  3. When transferring an amount of more than 50 riyals between wallets via QR code, you are required to enter your password
  4. When transferring money from wallet to a bank account, you will receive a confirmation call, in-case you didnt answer the call we will call you again or you can call us on 920011444 to confirm the transaction. if no confirmation recived within 24 hours the money will be back to your account.
You must first complete your account information in the app by filling the ‘Customer Data Form’, then copy the SADAD number provided by the app and click on the ‘Services’ icon in your bank account, and choose STC from the list. You can then add the registration number and choose the preferred amount.
You must first complete your account information in the app by filling the ‘Customer Data Form’, then you can copy the in-app IBAN and add it as a beneficiary to your bank for direct transfers.

Yes, but you must first delete your information from your device then log back in with the new number you want to use to open for the wallet.

Yes, you can choose the amount you want to add through SADAD، note that the minimum is 100 SR

There is no minimum amount for wallet-to-wallet or bank account transfers, but when charging via SADAD, the minimum amount is 100 Saudi Riyals.

Shared wallets are accounts that you can share with your friends or family members who have STC Pay accounts so you can take part in managing their payments.

There’s no transfer limit, as long as it doesn’t exceed your wallet monthly limit SR 10,000.

We recommend that you activate a security lock for your device when you start using the STC Pay application. However, there is a limit for transfers when using the app without a security lock. To report the loss of the wallet, please contact the unified number 920011444 so we can stop all operations and provide the necessary support. We are happy to serve you 24 hours.

We recommend that you activate a strong pin code for your device when you start using the STC Pay application.

This happens when the number is registered in the wallet is registered under someone else's ID. but, we recommend to call your colleague's and confirm.

After clicking on SADAD for money transfer, click the "Other Amount" icon to add the required amount or to change the amount from the specified box, provided that it is not less than 100 riyals.

There’s no minimum amount for transfers between wallets.
You can use your digital wallet to make purchases at shops, supermarkets, gas stations, restaurants, stores, as well as to pay bills and local transfers.