Share the joy with a different kind of Eidya!


We’re never too old for Eidyas !

Spread the joy and make your loved ones experience that happiness by sending them Eidyas digitally.


Surprise your loved ones and send them Eidyas via phone number only! With stc pay, share the joyous moments of Eid easily and quickly!

How to send Eid money:

  1. From the main page, click “Send Eidya money” banner
    Select receivers
  2. Choose the Eidya envelope
  3. Write your Eidya message > continue
  4. Enter or select the amount > continue
  5. Select the period of validity > continue
  6. Select the payment card > confirm.

Your Eidya is sent!

How to share card codes as Eidyas:

  1. From the main page, click “Share code as Eidya” banner
  2. Choose the card you want
  3. Click “Pay with stc pay”
  4. Select the payment card
  5. Click “Share code as Eid gift”
  6. Copy the redeem code.

You’ve spread joy!

stc pay Support