STC Bills


With stc pay, you can directly settle your stc bills easily and securely!

How to pay your stc bills using stc pay:

1 First thing you need is to Download stc pay application

2 If you are an stc user, simply register with your Phone number.

3 If you are not an STC user verify your National ID/Eqama with Absher.

4 Fill the Customer Information Form

5 Add money to your account.

How to Add Money to STC Pay?

6 Click on “STC Bills / Sawa Recharge

7 if the number is under your name your bill will appear directly

8 If the number is NOT under your name, Select “Pay Other Bill

9 Enter the account number

10 Select “Change Amount” to edit your payment or click “Pay” to pay your full bill

stc pay Support