Recharge Sawa


You can easily recharge your SAWA prepaid number or any other number

How to recharge a Sawa number using stc pay:

1 First thing you need is to Download stc pay application

2 If you are an STC user, simply register with your Phone number.

3 If you are not an STC user verify your National ID/Eqama with Absher.

4 Fill the Customer Information Form

5 Add money to your account.

How to Add Money to stc pay?

6 Click on “STC Bills / Sawa Recharge

7 If the number is under your name, click on it and your desired Sawa Recharge Card.

8 If the number is NOT under your name, select “Sawa Recharge

9 Enter the mobile number you want to recharge* and click “Continue

*if you want to save this number to recharge it on regular bases, we advise you to save the invoice by click on the “Add to Saved STC Account” button

10 Choose your desired Sawa Recharge Card, then select your account and click “Pay”

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