International Remittance


Transfer money internationally and instantly through your mobile. With stc pay you can transfer funds instantly to more than 525,000 Western Union locations worldwide, and enjoy unique benefits including, competitive prices, instant refund and notification of cash pick-up.

How to transfer money internationally using stc pay:

1 First thing you need is to Download stc pay application

2 If you are an stc user, simply register with your Phone number.

3 If you are not an stc user verify your National ID/Eqama with Absher.

4 Fill the Customer Information Form

5 Add money to your account.

How to Add Money to stc pay?

6 Click on “International Remittance

7 Chose “Add New Beneficiary” and fill-in the details

8 Select “Send Money” to the approved beneficiary from the Saved Beneficiaries tab

9 Simply share the MTCN Number with the beneficiary

How to transfer money internationally

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