The International Bank Account Number

IBAN – The International Bank Account Number

The International Bank Account Number (IBAN) provides a mechanism for introducing a common account numbering standard in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and internationally. It involves the inclusion of additional characters before the basic account number enabling the validation of customer account numbers by other banks and customers with benefits accruing for both domestic and cross-border payments.

The IBAN helps the Straight-Through-Processing (STP) of payments between banks by enabling the correct identification of a Beneficiary’s bank account.

The IBAN provides the facility for the sending bank and/or the remitter to perform a validity check of the Beneficiary’s account number at another bank.

The national standard for the IBAN in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which conforms to the international standard, will be a fixed length of 24 alphanumeric characters made up as follows: 2a [country code], 2n [check digits], 2n [bank identifier], followed by 18c [the basic account number to be preceded by zeros, if required]

When printed, the IBAN will appear in groups of four characters with each group being separated by a blank space to increase the readability of the IBAN when presented on paper. When used electronically the IBAN should be input as a continuous string, i.e. all spaces removed

The major benefit to customers will be that the remitter can validate the account number of the beneficiary regardless of which bank holds either account. The use of IBAN should almost totally eliminate the incidence of payments being rejected / returned by the account holding bank and the subsequent additional work for the remitter. IBAN will facilitate the greater use of Internet payments by all customers.

These benefits will be achieved without the need for a change in the basic account number of the customer. All banks will distribute IBAN to their new and existing customers. We encourage customers to quote their account number in IBAN format on all Invoices and requests for payment both within the Kingdom and Internationally.

SAMA registered the IBAN format for KSA with SWIFT, the international registration body for IBAN. SWIFT will then publish the KSA IBAN format in the IBAN Registry which is available to all banks worldwide.

You can get your IBAN number through the following steps:

  • Open STC Pay: Log in to your STC Pay account.
  • Add Money: Click on “Add Money” button on the main page.
  • Normal Deposit: Click on “Bank Information” under Normal Deposit.
  • Banks: Select your preferred bank IBAN number.
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