stc pay classic card

The first card you control

Full control
of your card

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accepted at millions of ATMs & merchant
locations worldwide

[vc_carousel_fullwidth image_id=”5051″ background_color=”#4d2c85″ slide_title=”Your classic card treats you well…” alt=”Card Feature”]With your stc pay classic card benefits, you can save more money with plenty of offers and cashback not only in the Kingdom but also all over the world. [/vc_carousel_fullwidth][vc_carousel_fullwidth image_id=”5053″ background_color=”#4d2c85″ slide_title=”You’ve got all the control…” alt=”Card Feature”]Take full control over your stc pay card. You can set a limit for your card, suspend it, or terminate through the app only.[/vc_carousel_fullwidth][vc_carousel_fullwidth image_id=”5055″ background_color=”#4d2c85″ slide_title=”A hassle-free card…” alt=”Card Feature”]Save yourself the trouble of filling out forms of issuing cards and get yours within seconds.[/vc_carousel_fullwidth]

Pay on the go with Apple Pay!

Your stc pay classic card can seamlessly be added to Apple Pay for prompt and secure payment experience. 

Get yours in
a breeze

Whether you want to issue a digital or physical card (soon), you can do it in a blink of an eye through your account on stc pay app, by following the simple steps:


1- open stc pay app

2- click on “Cards” in the bottom

3- click on (+) then “Get new stc pay card

4- select the card you want

5- enter your namePIN, and other information

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